Things to know before dating someone with adhd

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In more severe cases, you might not even know your partner has ADHD, which can lead you to misinterpret their feelings for you. No matter how many times you tell someone with ADHD to pick up their clothes, maintain a clean kitchen, or to keep an organized living space, it may just not happen. Procrastination and lack of motivation are also significant hurdles. If you find out your partner has ADHD, the first thing you should do is educate yourself about the disorder.

Orlov also suggests setting up external structural cues to help with procrastination and disorganizations issues. Orlov adds to seek support when needed, and at the same time, empathize with your significant other. Put yourself in their shoes. She writes about it all: Elevate your love life with practical dating advice delivered right to your inbox. By clicking 'Submit' you agree to Zoosk's terms of use and privacy policy.

My husband is now the attentive, caring person I always knew that he was deep down. Equally important, he is much happier in his life and in his work, where he is exponentially more productive and fulfilled. I will never say that everyone needs medication to control their ADHD, but I also think its definitely worth a try if behavioral techniques and lifestyle changes dont help.

Whats different about the female in a relationship having ADHD, versus a male? And in my support groups, I often have the most compassion for the men who are seeking help for their female partners with ADHD.

Because in our culture, the conventional wisdom is that women are caretakers. Its normal for them to get their husbands to see the doctor, to notice health issues, to nag their husbands about excessive TV watching or sloppy habits. But the idea of a man encouraging his wife to see a doctor or a therapist, and complaining that shes messy, or that she lets old food collect in the fridge, or that she cant do laundry because she leaves the clothes in the washer and they get moldy?

What is ADHD?

People look at him and think, "What a chauvinist pig! Youre mad that your wife is a bad housekeeper.

But hes not complaining for selfish reasons; hes genuinely concerned about his wifes habits and the effect its having on their marriage. A lot of these men are earning the money, working full time, and doing all of the chores, getting the kids to school, and paying the bills, because their wives cant manage. I knew one young father who got a job closer to home so he could visit at lunchtime to check and make sure his wife wasnt asleep while their toddler was up.

ADHD and Relationships: Let's Be Honest

So by the time I see a concerned husband at one of my support groups, I know his wife probably has pretty severe symptoms. Thats starting to change more recently, though, as women with ADHD who themselves have initiated the diagnosis are asking their partners to become educated. Can living with an ADHD person make you feel like you have a problem as well?

42 Struggles Only People With ADHD Will Understand | Thought Catalog

If you had a friend whom youd arranged to meet for lunch at 1, and you go to the restaurant and she never shows, and later she says, "Did we say 1? No, I think we said 2," your immediate impulse is to think that maybe you were wrong. Living with someone who has ADHD is like that all the time: You second-guess yourself, you lose sleep because of your partners irregular sleep patterns, you get frustrated with the lack of organization and order, and youre constantly trying to put out fires set by your ADHD partner.

But then people say, "Relationships take work; give it time; you need to compromise more," so you brush things off and give your partner the benefit of the doubt. But meanwhile, youre getting more and more turned around because of his or her habits. How can a partner ensure their ADHD spouse is receiving the right treatment? What can the partner do to ensure that their ADHD spouse is receiving the right treatment?

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ADHD is a physical condition in the brain that can affect self-observation and perception. Thats why its important for a doctor to get input from other people in the patients life in order to see the whole picture: The patient may not always realize what the problem is and may unwittingly mislead the doctor by putting blame on other people or claiming that everything is fine.

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And even once your partner gets diagnosed and decides to try medication, you cant just sit back and wait for the treatment to start working. Also, many doctors start their patients on very high doses of stimulant medications, and thats when side effects occur. People decide, "Whoa, the treatment is worse than the condition. Doctors should be starting patients off on a very low dose of medication and tracking their symptoms and improvement or side effects. Its frustrating to think that a person who has so much trouble organizing and prioritizing now also has to manage his or her doctor as well, and thats why its important to get the partner involved and make it a team effort.

Whats the difference between a spouse who has ADHD and a spouse whos just insensitive, forgetful, or lazy? We all procrastinate, we all forget, we lose sight of the big picture and get distracted by little things. Until you live with the person, you may not see the full extent of it. Many people with ADHD put their best face forward in the public light, and its only when you see their personal lives do you realize the extent of their challenges.

I started dating my husband during the '90s dot-com era, when everyone was just starting to amp up on cell phones, PDAs, electronic gadgets, and double espressos. I thought for a while that his distractibility and irritability were just products of these; that everyone in high-tech was getting wigged out by all this stimulation.

What to know about ADHD

But for a lot of people with ADHD, these gadgets are their lifeblood; theyll play with them for hours because they provide the higher amounts of constant stimulation they crave. It took me a while to realize, though, that not everyone was affected the way he was. Have you seen relationships end because of ADHD? Have you seen a lot of relationships end because of ADHD? I also moderate a local group for adults with ADHD, and there are adults in that group who are getting help even though their spouses know little about ADHD; some think its an excuse or they just dont think they need to learn about it.

Many in the adult groups are, in fact, high-functioning, so that may be the case. When the adult with ADHD is in denial, thats really tough. Thats a lot of what we deal with in the partners support group. And theyve been like this their entire lives: They dont know that theres any other way to be. I believe that most people can be reached; they just have to be acknowledged first.

Sometimes its the partners of adults who dont want to learn about ADHD.

Amazing ADHD Relationships – 7 Golden Rules of Dating & Marriage

I can spot them in my lecture audiences; theyve been dragged there by their partner with ADHD, and they sit there with their arms folded and jaws set, looking resistant. Theyre afraid Im going to be another one of those experts who say, "You just have to understand your partners differences, their gifts. Does anyone ever come to your support groups and then decide that their partner really doesnt have ADHD? Yes, ADHD can mimic symptoms of depression and anxiety, so its important to consult a qualified expert who can consider all of the possibilities.

But if the spouse has gone this far to seek out a support group, he or she generally has a good idea of the problem. To clarify, its not like they want to know that their partner has ADHD. They often dont want to know that their partner has a brain condition.

Theyve spent years thinking that if they just help their partners change their habits and attitudes, or that if they just organized the home differently or set up their schedules differently or communicated differently or stood on their head and spit wooden nickels, that they could fix things. Usually by the time I meet people in support groups, theyve been to four or five therapists to try and solve things another way.

things to know before dating someone with adhd Things to know before dating someone with adhd
things to know before dating someone with adhd Things to know before dating someone with adhd
things to know before dating someone with adhd Things to know before dating someone with adhd
things to know before dating someone with adhd Things to know before dating someone with adhd
things to know before dating someone with adhd Things to know before dating someone with adhd
things to know before dating someone with adhd Things to know before dating someone with adhd
things to know before dating someone with adhd Things to know before dating someone with adhd

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