Hook up furnace thermostat

The problem may not be with the thermostat. And you may exasperate the problem which will cost more in the long run. Additionally, If you have a multi-zone system, a high-efficiency heat pump or even just a heat pump, a regular split-system AC and a boiler for heat and you have one thermostat , or an Apollo-based system hot water heated in a water heater with a split AC system…….

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These systems can be very complex and may require special sub-bases so the thermostat control circuit will work properly. Additionally, for heat pumps, there are different controls, and wires for these controls run into the thermostat, they are multi-colored thermostat wires.

How to Wire a Thermostat

These controls can be very complex. Each wire must go to the correct terminal on the thermostat or the unit will not run correctly. We will describe the common type at least for this region mid-Atlantic and if you see that you have the system described you can proceed cautiously at your own risk. Here is a list of possible thermostat wiring combinations beginning with the most common first:. This is the most common and covers many central air conditioners with an air handler or gas furnace. The 5 wires likely cover Red for volt hot, white for heat, yellow for cooling, green for the fan, and blue for common common could be another color.

This is typically for a thermostat that is battery powered or a heat only digital thermostat. It covers the same control or color features as the 5-Wire thermostat wiring above except for heat only. With heat only, you likely will have a volt hot and common red and blue , a white wire for heat and a green wire for a fan. This is common for a digital thermostat that controls a boiler. It has volt hot and volt common along with the wire for the heat which is likely white. This likely a heat only thermostat that is either digital or non-digital.

If it is digital it has battery power to power the thermostat.

How to Hook Up a Home Thermostat

The two wires likely are red for volt hot and white for the heat. If you have more than five wires then you have more control points or you have a heat pump. Refer to our pages about heat pump wiring on how to wire a heat pump thermostat or our thermostat wiring color page to see the additional control points for your thermostat.

Thermostat Wiring Color Code Table opens in a new window Additionally, be aware that thermostats are equipped with heating and cooling anticipators. Cooling anticipators are not adjustable where heat anticipators are adjustable in mechanical thermostats. Setting the heat anticipator is important for your heating system. And for the thermostat to function properly only if you have a mechanical non-digital thermostat.

It is set according to the amp draw on the control heating circuit. Make sure the heat anticipator is set properly. It is set in the thermostat or thermostats. The first thing you should do before changing the thermostat is to select the proper thermostat for your system. Selecting the proper thermostat. If you are retired or if someone is at home during the day you likely do not need a programmable thermostat.

If this is the case the only benefit you will get from a programmable thermostat or thermostats is at night. Or I prefer to say in the morning because you can set it so the unit comes on just before you wake. That way the house is at a comfortable temperature when you get out of bed. I will describe the advantages of the programmable thermostat in full detail in a different section below.

Once you have made the thermostat selection you can proceed to the next step. Helpful Page to help you select the right thermostat opens in a new window. Honeywell Thermostats Available Here. Thermostat Wiring and Installation Advisory………. If you decide to install your own thermostat you do so at your own risk.

There are many incidences where the homeowner installed their own thermostat and was successful. There are also many incidences where the homeowner was unsuccessful installing a new thermostat. The people that were unsuccessful wasted part of their day, ruined a thermostat or two and caused the malfunction of an integral part of their system. That is not mentioning the fact that they ended up calling a professional HVAC Technician to fix the problems. Problems caused by improperly installing a thermostat. The unsuccessful end up paying three to four times what they would have paid if a professional was called first.

Factor this into your decision and if there is any doubt call a professional. Call a professional to install and wire the new thermostat. Before you begin to install your new thermostat turn the power off. These are the four wires that you need to control the heat, cooling and the blower or fan. This is for most air conditioning and heating systems.

If the colors of the wires do not match the colors described here make sure you mark the wires with masking tape. Sometimes you will have extra wires that are not connected. Thermostat wire comes in many different varieties. The contractor who installed the system probably used 5 wire or 8 wire thermostat wire bundle. They used what they needed and simply twisted or cut the other wires off.

Thermostat wire terminations should be neat with no excess copper exposed. Additional answers to your questions concerning thermostats can be found here in our thermostat category index. Other questions about a Honeywell thermostat, Honeywell thermostats, programmable Honeywell thermostats can be found at the Honeywell Thermostat website. Additionally, see thermostat wiring color code chart to help with How to Wire a Thermostat. This thermostat wiring diagram is a split system.

How to Wire a Furnace Thermostat | setylopela.tk

The wires going to the condensing unit are shown in red and white. However, these colors can be different. One wire originates from the thermostat Y terminal and terminates at the condenser. The other wire originates from the common side of the transformer.

Thermostat Wiring for Dummies

The transformer is commonly installed in the air handler. In rare installations, the condensing unit will have the transformer.

The manufacturer did not install the transformer in the condenser. The transformer was blown in the past. Additionally, the colors here are typical. However, they can be different depending on who wired the unit and their color coding system. Most HVAC technicians will use this color code. However, there is an occasional oddball who knows better than everyone else. Or perhaps the wiring color combination was not available for the new installation. Always keep in mind to properly dispose of hazardous materials responsibly.

Older mechanical thermostats contain mercury and mercury are extremely hazardous to human health and our environment. Most municipalities have a hazardous waste collection site. They will be happy to accept your old thermostat and dispose of it properly. Additionally, there are state and federal laws that are explicit about properly disposing of hazardous waste including products containing mercury. Please do not throw the old thermostat in the regular waste bin.

Wiring Set-Up Explained

Be responsible and properly dispose of the old thermostat. See the About the Author page for information about the author of this article. AND it has been recorded by a professional in the industry. Wiring Set-Up Explained What I would like you to know is the information detailed below is based on the industry standard, yet not all thermostats will work this way simply because letters and numbers are used as well as color.

So, this is what you might expect to see in terms of colored wires and what they mean: White — The white wire is what connects to the auxiliary heat on your system. Once you have connected the new wire or wires to the furnace terminals, return to the thermostat and remove the wire from the pencil. Attach the W wire s to the proper terminal on the thermostat. When connecting the wires, make sure the other thermostat wires connected to the air conditioner and fan blower are also properly attached.

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