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Anyway, would you really want to kiss a guy who also kissed your sister? Sisters have boundaries, a special code. This is also true for friendships. Trust me when I say it brings up all kinds of weird feelings. In college, one of my friends dated my ex behind my back. When I found out and confronted her, she told me that she did not see anything wrong with it and was not going to stop dating him. Our friendship ended because of it.

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I felt so betrayed and angry. It put our mutual friends in a awkward situation. They felt like they had to choose between hanging with me or her. If you do date him and things do not work out, then what happens? Will he still come to family functions since he is close to your family? Will you be ok with him coming around your family even though things did not work out?

Family gatherings will become very weird and uncomfortable. Plus, ask yourself what type of man has no problem dating sisters? If you have a question you would like for me to answer, please contact me at AskJanaLeigh yahoo. I love getting your emails, so keep them coming guys. You are commenting using your WordPress. The point is, there is no reason to go there, even if sis can handle it or says she can, just to make her sister happy.

Ask Rene: Can I Date My Sister’s Ex-Fiance?

If the marriage was cancelled, was it because he cheated? If not, then I apologize for jumping to conclusions. If only life was a sitcom then I could tell my sister in law I hate her and then we would all sit down and laugh about it later. Or my brother in law could keep having no job and having kids with a bunch of chicks and we all just smile and say oh that guy. Priorities lady lost of men out there only so many sisters that is all there is to it!!!!

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First and foremost this violates one of the most intimate bonds there are…sisterhood! Second, where in this scenario has this man indicated that he is interested in a relationship with you. You have based a relationship on this mythological world you have created in your head. He was nice enough to sit down and talk with the little sister of his ex- fiance in a bar. He also gave you a customary kiss good night on the cheek and his number. In what world does that say he is interested in a relationship with you. And for all of those who are saying there is a man shortage.

I Want to Date My Sister’s Ex-Boyfriend

Are you really that desperate for a man that would do this? Broaden your circle if your circle is showing you a shortage of men. Open your mind and eyes to more than what is just familiar to you. Because honestly with the scenario she has given that is all she has with this man he is just familiar. They obvious have nothing in common, including a love and concern for her sister.

Well yes, when I say something I mean it. I was single for a long, long time and you know what? I was never desperate enough to hurt my sister the way dating her ex would. She may not have done it yet, but the fact that she asked means she was thinking about it. And that is deep. Find out the real reason they broke up. Date one of them.

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I would never date the ex of my sister or anyone that I consider a friend. I just think I would feel weird and a little like I needed a shower. I agree with everyone, I wouldnt personally date anyone my sister dated, but she did kiss my first boyfriend and possibly others.

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That hurt me a lot. In our case, he had his sister fetish and was just unfaithful, and needless to say never went back with him and I ended up with trust issues and never wanted to even INTRODUCE my bf to my sister for fear the same thing might happen. When I look at my sisters bf one im not even attracted physically but I mentally cross them off a list of not available ever.

You just have to ask is this guy worth possibly losing a friendship?

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Like others said you shouldnt even have to ask. Most times if me and my best friend liked a guy, we usually just liked him together in our fantasy but never went after him because we knew it would hurt hte other and we knew that our relationship was more important than some little boy. This happened to me just last xmas Except the I had just found out I was pregnant with our second child, and my sister is only my sis thru marriage.

I had confided in her and she told me to charge him with assault and that I should go to Church!. I found out on boxing day at a womans shelter far from home. When I found out I was horribly hurt and felt extremely betrayed by both! I was close to her all my life, or so I thought. Anyways my horror story did get worse after that, but to make a long story short,,, I had the baby I was pregnant with, and started my life all over again from scratch! As for her… she is not with him anymore and has moved on to a mutual friends ex fiance! I want to follow my heart, but evrybody thinks am bad, morally ill.

How long will I live with the guilt?? Its not done where i come from? That is also why sex before marriage its not good and the bible states it aswell. As long as their was no sex involved in the previous relationship with ur brother or sister's ex their is nothing wrong with it. I think that's morally wrong.

And from experience, I have realized that usually those relationships dating a sibling's ex don't last anyway. When i was 13 i was in love with a boy he was like I even used to dream how we will marry.

But he was my brothers friend. Sometimes when my brother comes home late i will be waiting with food not for my brother but his friend. But for him i was only the little sister of his Friend. A few years later a friend of mien , my best friend then told me she had met this guy and they are dating. When she told me the name i was like.

i dating my sister ex I dating my sister ex
i dating my sister ex I dating my sister ex
i dating my sister ex I dating my sister ex
i dating my sister ex I dating my sister ex
i dating my sister ex I dating my sister ex

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