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The first major indicator that Bungie had this in mind is The Reef. Seen only in cutscenes during Destiny 's base game, The Reef is now a new social hub akin to the previously accessible Tower. It also has most of the amenities of The Tower—bank terminals, a bounty officer, and a new Cryptarch—plus a few new NPCs used in the fresh content and story missions.

You may recognize the areas these missions take you to, but House of Wolves reframes most of them in some interesting ways. Oracles with some added story context. There's also one new strike, The Shadow Thief. Once you've cleared those more pedestrian quests and received the first of the game's new "Sidearm" special weapons class a semi-automatic handgun with elemental damage , it's time to head back to The Reef for House of Wolves' main attractions.

The Prison of Elders comes with two very important distinctions from all the other modes in Destiny 's gamut of time sinks. The first is that it's actually repeatable rather than run on a daily or weekly reset like the rest of the game's pillars. Previous raids and weekly strikes only allowed players to siphon a limited number of loot drops per week, with no guarantee that said drop wouldn't be a useless cape or armor shader. But there's nothing stopping anyone from burning through the Prison's five rounds one for each enemy species and a boss over and over again.

This one allows you to open a massive, third chest in the Prison's vault, showering you with legendary equipment, currencies, and one guaranteed piece of "exotic" equipment per week. If you don't have a Key, there are still smaller chests to plunder, though they're usually only full of more materials and currency. Keys are rare, but not so rare that I wasn't able to find three in about a day's worth of playing. They have a chance to drop in the Prison of Elders' treasury, and a small stipend will supposedly be offered once every week.

You can also get Keys from the new world events on most of the planets. While the cooperative challenges are likely still Destiny 's biggest draw for most, Bungie has given competitive multiplayer some attention as well. It's absolutely fantastic to have unbiased answers to the communities questions, plus all the questions are actually being answered. Bungie, if you're reading, please invite this man back for all future releases!!

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Big fan of your articles, Paul. You're doing great things with Destiny among other things over at Forbes. On to my question. Are you able to talk at all about the gear drops you get from PoE? I'm aware of a "key" you obtain after the final round. Could you go into more detail? Key opens chests in treasure room in the basement. I got legendary armor, a weapon and an armor core than can be exchanged for level 34 armor. I believe the armor I got was not Higher levels give you better chance for gear.

When I see these type of complaints, I see that folks don't get what Bungie is doing with the "story" missions. And its really their fault - when they call them "story" missions, you expect a story. But really they should have called them "quest" missions. If you go back to Bungie's GDC presentation, you will see that they wanted Destiny to be a departure from the linear narrative of the Halo games.

They have accomplished this by having the narrative unfold in a very non-linear way. They aren't tied to NPC exposition in the same way as other games. But they do not provide exposition in the traditional sense. Don't get me wrong, I am positive that Bungie will at some point introduce a story arc. But I would expect the arc to unfold through the quest-based missions, rather than NPC exposition.

So, at some point folks should stop expecting the traditional narrative story and learn to love the non-linear quests. That's an interesting distinction. I guess I wish they were more like story missions than just quests. I know there has been a lot of criticism about varying Strike lengths in Destiny - with some Strikes taking a drastically different amount of time to complete when compared to others. I think it'll be on the shorter side of the spectrum? The final boss time is shaved down because you're essentially fighting him the whole time. But given that this was our first run through ever, it's hard to say for sure.

Destiny - New Prison of Elders Details: Scorch Cannon, Critical Objectives, Modifiers

Like, how long did it take you to do each Strike the first time, right? How is it your not still under the NDA? I have family members who tested the HoW and they won't tell me a thing. Testing is different than press day. I'm sure those NDAs are more strict. Embargoes are up today for everything.

Is the level 28 matchmaking version random each time you run it? I'm hoping its like D3 rifts.

Destiny's second expansion rekindles obsession by squashing old issues.

It would be a much more engaging grind than the roc playlist. It would be very disappointing it was the same until the weekly reset like the others. I used Icebreaker for the entire thing and didn't regret it once.

  • Destiny: how House of Wolves builds on the story – and why there's no raid.
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  • ‘Destiny’ Players Can Solo Prison of Elders Mode.
  • Prison of Elders!
  • Shotguns are too risky in my opinion. Though I also don't have one I really love. Assuming you don't play encounters above your level.


    Nightfall to get stuff to upgrade your current leg gear, PoE stuff to get more light, and possibly 34 drops. So you have to be pretty high level already to start the road to Thank you for this. First off, I read your article and let me just say I strongly disagree with you on part of it. The thing is, I absolutely do not want matchmaking in my endgame activities. The level 28 mode having matchmaking is fine, but after watching that stream if I had to play that with the quality of player I get on the current weekly heroic strike matchmaking I wouldn't ever go in without a full team.

    Plus, I vastly prefer the option to go in solo or duo if the mood strikes.

    How to Survive Destiny's Tough New 'Prison of Elders' Mode

    Another thing is if my friend disconnects I don't want him replaced with a random. How would you rate the difficulty compared to Crota's end normal and hard modes? Yeah I know matchmaking is a hot topic. There are people who have played hours and never done the Raid. I didn't do higher than that, so I can't compare to HM. So this is kinda weird. Are we still stuck with Iron Banner as being to sole way you can upgrade to max light level without having to use a LFG site?

    This is what it seems like to me, which I think is an issue. And you should be a high level to do well in Iron Banner already. There needs to be a way for solo players to progress more, in my opinion. I can't really use a mic because my daughter and wife sleep while I play.

    Destiny – what House of Wolves brings to competitive multiplayer

    I know I could probably find a group to take me but I would have to watch a bunch of videos on the raid and just follow instructions which doesn't sound like fun to me, it sounds like homework. Nope, they kept all gear under wraps other than what we got as drops. I only got a leg Fusion Rifle. Do all four enemy races have PoE end bosses? And lastly, after having hands on time, how do you personally feel about ToO and PoE being in place of a new raid in HoW? Do you feel it will be substantial end game content? Well i managed to miss the link to your article at the bottom of your post where you touched on a lot of what i was asking.

    Thanks for the info and the good read. I encountered two bosses in one run, which was a surprise. A big Knight boss and a Centurion with a shield that rotated resist types. I assume all races have bosses, but I only saw those two. Will be a learning experience. I think people may find it repetitive, but they can continue to introduce new elements over time to keep it fresh.

    It's a good delivery mechanism for micro-content updates. Paul, I read all the Destiny related articles you write.

    They're pretty awesome, introspective and honest Question, what's the point of Prison of Elders? Why would Guardians go into a prison and fight waves of prisoners, defuses mines and crap How does that relate to the overarching story? From a lore perspective, it's a bit difficult to fit in. What the team told us is that Skolas head bad guy is given free reign to turn the prison into a gladiator arena, essentially.

    I'm not sure if it's going to be any more integrated than that. Just to get an idea of where you're coming from, what are the current activities you enjoy the most? Does HOW feel more refined and thought out , like there is a roadmap, or does it feel more experimental?

    I do not Raid often because my wife is in med school so I cannot be yelling on a headset to other people for premade team stuff.

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